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    Hello everyone!
    Please post any questions that you may have for King Thared or the Royal Council below and we will do our best to cover them in an upcoming community meeting (TBD)
  2. Sir Pryzin

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    Since we’re an economics-focused kingdom, and capitalism typically intertwines with individual liberties, how large of a role is in-game religion expected to dictate life and culture?
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    I'll just answer this here since there was a very small turnout.
    In game religion and culture will likely have a drastic impact upon the NPCs around is. As with most RPGs the playable characters have "free will" and unless they wish to immerse themselves deeply within the storyline I highly doubt it will have a large effect on the population. That being said if certain situations are met, an example being the King dies without an heir, then the culture could potentially have a big impact as each has their own way of replacing a ruler that would need to be followed.

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