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  1. Octavios Drunmare

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    Greetings All... I just recently app-ed for Kingdom Citizenship, but have been following CoE on and off since mid 2016. I was originally going to buy in with a KS Tier, but I fell out of touch until after it was over. Still planning on pledging as Magistrate or Governor, and will be looking for the right County to build my homestead in.

    Just a bit about me... I've been playing video games since the early 80's. I got into Multi-user Dungeons in the very early 90's and became an "Elder" in one of the text based MUD's I played. (Basically, I got to add content to the realm while a good friend of mine added features to the coding.) Since then, several friends and I have been conceptualizing the best possible features for a MMORPG (or really.. a Meow!!)... sometimes, it feels like Caspian is in my head (unknowingly to him apparently) as many of the feature-sets in the soulbound engine have been conceptualized and discussed by my friends for years. Unfortunately, none of us were really good at programming.

    Looking forward to the release of CoE as I am sick of all of the other alternatives. I've played WoW, ESO, EVE, Rift, LOTRO, STO... they all had some great features, but nothing compared to what CoE is expected to offer.
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    Hey all. Been following a few people among this group since the kickstarter days. Ready to really start playing soon though and can't wait. I know what I wanted to do but I may yet change that up. Let's all have fun Kay? ^^

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