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  1. Flaria

    Flaria Unknown Citizen

  2. Muniin

    Muniin Administrator Staff Member Baron
    Minister of Finance

    Nice Welcome Sinq, you did mostly econ stuff in EVE?

    Lots of a former eve folk around as well :p
  3. SinqLarison

    SinqLarison New Member Mayor

    Yes Muniin I did focus on econ stuff mostly! Plexed about 20 accounts for a long time
    1. Station Trading
    2. Regional Arbitration Hauling
    3. Plex Flipping
    4. Pilot Trading
    5. Skill Farming
    6. Ninja Site Running and Exploring
    7. Salvaging and Ninja salvaging (for fun ... Shhh my guilty pleasure)
  4. Hessan

    Hessan Director of Hard Infrastructure Count Industry Sub-council

    Welcome SinqLarison! I am Hessan, Count of Foliastrou and Head Highwayman. Glad to see more people joining us. :)

    I also used to do a lot of economy and industrial things on Eve Online, but I haven't scratched that itch in a while.
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  5. SinqLarison

    SinqLarison New Member Mayor

    Thank you Hessan and it was been a while for me too.
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  6. Frederick Seddon

    Frederick Seddon New Member

    Hello All. I go by Frederick Seddon... Thats with two D's. No not boobs, you sick fucks. Well anyways unlike Dylveryn, I can actually cook, love botany and alchemy, and making others become better, even if its only for a short time. If you want my background for my family, please read the wonderful lore provided by Trug. I will be following Dyleryn around and making him take care of my land so I can take care of other matters. Oh and I really did ask if we could run a graveyard for a friend... my fetish is definitely not corpses...

    I look forward to seeing you all and not being seen in the process. :)
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  7. Flaria

    Flaria Unknown Citizen

    Welcome, Frederick and thank you for taking the time to type it all out. I actually reading that. Nice to meet you. :D
  8. Muniin

    Muniin Administrator Staff Member Baron
    Minister of Finance

    Nice welcome Frederick
  9. Lanane Silverwalker

    Lanane Silverwalker New Member Citizen

    Greetings all! I am Lanane Silverwalker of the house Silverwalker. I introduced myself briefly in the discord channel last night but I am but a weary traveler coming all the way from the kingdom of Azeroth in search of better times and bigger adventures.

    I seek for a group of travelers that search to explore Elyria and map out it's many treasures. I wish to travel with them because I hear whisperings of a powerful magic and I wish to become the ultimate sorceror. Many nights I've spent alone in the wilderness yearning for another adventure but alas it's been many moons since. When I heard of Elyria being an up and coming continent to explore, I yelped with joy and immediately started my travels there. I look forward to meeting with you all more in the taverns.
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  10. Flaria

    Flaria Unknown Citizen

    Welcome to Kairos, Lanane Silverwalker! I hope, you enjoy your stay here and take a lot of rest from your journey.
  11. Terror of Death

    Terror of Death New Member Mayor

    Hello everyone, I just joined CoE a couple hours ago, I will be a Mayor, purchased the Governor Package as it was the highest tier it allowed me. I researched about the game a bit and seemed lie a really good fit for my play style. I then looked into the kingdoms and of the three within my region this seemed to be the most well thought out and organized and as such I have decided to settle in.
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  12. Flaria

    Flaria Unknown Citizen

    @Terror of Death: Welcome to Kairos and take your time around the forums and discord. I'm glad, you joined us. The more is the merrier.
  13. Archoncy

    Archoncy New Member Citizen

    Hey folks I'm Cam. Or Ced. Or both. Happy to be here, loving Prismatia, gonna be managing the heck out of a guild for a living. ;3
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