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  1. Nekaku
    Innkeeper/Bard at your serivce! The host and beat of the local inn of Vaj'zaris!
  2. Yukiona
    of Agrions Tyto coledge. When you find the lady wearing a plague mask to the Yule ball, yup that's the headmistress.
  3. Dorianus
    To test the character of a man, give him the world, and see what he does with it.
  4. Dorianus
    Dorianus TheStrategyGuy
    I am at your command, Lord Ælric.
  5. Muniin
    Prismatia board added
  6. Flaria
  7. Flaria
    Holidays Seasons.. Black Friday sales are going to be another chaos..
  8. Albrecht von Wiegand
    Albrecht von Wiegand
    Red Shirts best shirts.
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    2. Flaria
      Says who? ;D
      Nov 13, 2017
  9. Flaria
    Do what you gotta do. Miracles happens for a reason.
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  10. Sage Alvy
    Sage Alvy
    Are my people still not here? Time for a beating...
  11. Dylveryn
    Don't mind me, just doin' my job. Whatever that is....
  12. Muniin
    Apps will be through here as well, and other centralized services to come.
  13. Muniin
    Indeed we do, still much work to done, just getting people over here and getting content made
  14. Chasca
    We've got a forum now, huh?
  15. Aurele
    Love you guys <3
  16. Muniin
    Bina will be helping moderate the site as well. So feel free to direct issues/concerns/suggestions to her as well if Cyn/Myself aren't here
  17. Muniin
    Yeah working on that Flaria, was waiting for Kenrik to make some. Ill get some started and he can edit or redo them later
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    2. Flaria
      Thank you, Muniin. *hugs*
      Oct 29, 2017
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  18. Flaria
    What should I do on the forum? I can see the Introduction needs some sticky thread.
  19. Kenrik Mazo
    Kenrik Mazo
    Doing knowledge stuff....yeah that's it.
    1. Aurele
      How do you know?
      Oct 31, 2017
  20. Firenomad
    Firenomad Muniin
    *Glances at suggestion box filled with about a dozen new papers.* Uh... Sure yeah... No problem. *Sets fire to suggestion box and walks away whistling.*